Mar 11

A story about Andros South and I begin my own journey.

Today I get on a plane to start my journey to Andros Island.  SFO to LAX then to Miami then to Nassau and then to Congo Town, South Andros.  The trip will span two days, but will be close to 16 or 18 hours from the time I leave SFO to the time I touch Androsian soil.

A lot of time has been spent thinking about this trip, tying for this trip, writing about this trip… and here it is… finally. Departure Day.

Recently, I saw this story about a trip the Troutfitter made to… ya, you guessed it…  Andros South (that’s where I’m going, if you haven’t been following long).

From the story…

“You’re down there fishing in sunny weather, wading in knee-deep water that’s 72 degrees. Meanwhile, there’s 2 to 3 feet of snow back home. You can’t do better than that,” he said.

via Central New York anglers enjoy their Bahamian bonefishing adventure | syracuse.com.



I’ll be trying to give updates daily.  They have the internets down there, I’m told.   I can’t wait to meet the other FIBFest folks, throw a Kalik or two back and then throw a fair bit of line.

Is there anything better?


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