May 12

Bonefish Shirt Week – Skinny Water Culture

They guys over at Skinny Water Culture continue to do strong, strong work.  I’m a fan and have been since I first found them a few years back.  I’ve seen more and more folks in their gear.  I even saw a guy in a hotel in Cuba wearing a SWC shirt. Nice to see good things happening to good people.

You can find this bonefish microfiber shirt here.

Yup, I have this one too.

May 12

Bonefishing Shirt Week – Simms

Not a bad looking shirt here with the twin bones.  I haven’t seen this anywhere, but I like it.

Oh Bones. I could never be mad at you.

You can find this one at the Simms website.

May 12

Bonefish Shirt Week – 411#3

Matt over at the blog 411#3 has a series of shirts soon to be available based on his 4 tenants of saltwater fly fishing. These certainly do ring true for me and I’ll be getting one of these in the not too distant future.

Here’s the store.


Apr 12

Bonefish Shirt Week – Deneki’s Bones

I figured I’d devote an entire week to bonefish t-shirts and give a little shout out to the ones I’m loving from around the web.

First… Deneki now has an on-line store.  You can get their pretty frigging cool looking bonefish shirt here.

Love it.