Jun 11

Vegas Baby!

I am in Vegas today for business.  I arrive at 8:30 and leave about 12 hours later.

I should be clear about this… I am not a Vegas lover.

There are lots of reasons to like Vegas for lots and lots of different people.  I am not one of those people.

When your perfect places look like this…


or this…



well… Vegas doesn’t have much to offer me…

Nope... no thank you.

I dislike that the only green is on the golf courses and the fact that there even ARE golf courses in the desert. I dislike those one-star casinos full of blue hairs/no hairs sitting like zombies in front of slot machines… like a voluntary version of the Matrix.  I dislike that some folks actually believe the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” line.

All that said… I almost moved there.  It was for a girl.  It didn’t work out.  That last trip lasted about 12 hours too.

I know my dislike of Vegas puts me out of the mainstream.  People who don’t gamble like it for the shows and the shopping and the whores.  I don’t really gamble, I don’t shop much and I’m not into whoring… so… what’s left?  Buffets?

If I were offered a Month in Vegas or a day in Andros, I’d take the day in Andros… or Belize… or Grand Bahama, or Hawaii or… well… anywhere warm with (natural) palm trees and wagging tails (bonefish tails, that is).