Mar 10

Godspeed Good Friend – My Waterproof Camera

So sad to announce that my trusty waterproof digital camera, my Olympus Stylus 720 SW, has left the world of functioning electronics.  There i was, taking pictures and shooting video one moment and the next… nothing.  I thought it might be the battery, but when I got back to the room and opened the battery compartment… water.  That’s really not a good thing.  Now I can see condensation on the lens and in the flash… that probably isn’t something that will right itself with a couple days of air drying.

Dearly departed, you were a trusty friend.

A good waterproof camera is a great friend of the angler, allowing us to preserve just a little bit of the experience of the river, lake or flat.  A photo of a fish or river canyon, in a way, is like a print of that great painting you saw at the Musee D’Orsay.  It isn’t the same as being there and seeing it yourself, but it reminds you of the experience.

Now… as long as no one tips off my wife, I need to start plotting a path to a replacement.