The Blog Turns 5

Fishing is good.

Fishing is good.

I started this thing five years ago today. Hard to imagine, but true. In that time I’ve seen some pretty fantastic places and shared a lot of stories. I’ve gone on my own physical and metaphorical journeys and I’ve brought you lot along with me. I’ve met a few of you and fished with even fewer, but I feel like I know a great number of you, at least a bit.

It has been fun and I look forward to the fun continuing.

I’m posting a bit less these days, but that’s not because I’m not thinking about it as much, I just have had a harder time finding the time with the new baby in the mix.

I don’t know what the 6th year will bring. I know I’ll be in the Keys here in a couple months, so that’s nice. I’m also hoping to do another hosted trip in 2015, maybe to Andros, maybe to Grand Bahama. It remains to be seen.

I look forward to it all.

Thanks for reading and sharing your own stories as well.

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