Unlikely and unwise

A trip to the Bahamas in May is starting to look as unlikely as it would be unwise. What a unique moment in history we are living through.

Of course, this is insult to injury to the people of the Bahamas, to survive Dorian and then to have the flow of business shut down by a virus originating half-a-world away. Unfair on top of unfair.

We are a bit of a rough spot here too, of course. We have a “Shelter in Place” order, my son’s schyool may not re-open until the next school year and my daughter is doing distance-learning. I’m working from home, stuck in sweatpants and on conference calls, and maybe this is the new normal.

It is straight out of a movie or book plot. The reason for that is it was always possible. And now… it is here.

How I’d love to be on the flats looking for bonefish right about now, even if the winds were howling at 20. Sure seems like that would be social distancing, if you were doing it right.

But… with no school in and no childcare available and a wife working in medicine (and working in healthcare myself) it seems a very poor idea to go anywhere. I stand a good chance of being a vector for someone else’s misery and maybe even their death. That isn’t a part I’m willing to play in anyone’s story.

Maybe I’ll imagine what that trip would be like and write it as if it happened. In fact, I’ll probably do just that.

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