A review I found of the Echo3

I am currently cultivating snot. A nice little cold had settled in my head and is kind of preventing a lot of holiday merrymaking, but I still have a few days to kick this before I put on the red hat. So… at least there is that.

Since I’m sick (and tired, of course), I’m glad I found a nice review of the new Echo3 rods via the This River is Wild facebook page.

Echo is an interesting company to me.  Never before have so few marketing dollars been spent on what seem to be pretty good products. It is almost as if they don’t really want you to know about them.

I don’t think I’ve ever fished an Echo, although I’ve played with them at a few consumer shows.  What I’ve seen, I’ve liked.

I got a few 8wts and 10wts and this past week down in the Bahamas I personally got to fish and test out these rods on some big bonefish and dolphin! These rods are beasts! They are powerful, fast action rods that have the ability to generate enough line speed to cut through some serious wind.

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