Water Cay Lodge – GBI

Hmmm… never heard of this place, but saw it in This is Fly.

This place is on the North Shore of Grand Bahama.  There isn’t a lot on the North Shore. All the roads on the south.  I recall seeing the north side on the flights in and out and I’ve always wanted to get there.  I actually tried to make it to the north once, but my rental car did not have what it would have taken to get there.

This partial review is from The Angling Report.

“As for guides, I fished with Ezra, who is unbelievably good. His brother, Sidney, is the head guide, and there is no doubt in my mind as to how good he is. But what about the fish? They are big, abundant and wild. I landed 18 in one day as a cold front moved in. They were all between four and nine pounds. I also lost several that day that would have gone into double digits.

Odds of me fishing here are slight… but GBI is an easy flight.  If this is your kind of place, it wouldn’t take much to get there.

The place is booked through Angling Destinations.

It does make me ask some questions… You have North Point Riding Club, Deep Water Cay, Pelican Bay and there are a couple new options as well.  From what I understand there is a lot more inventory than there is demand. I’m hoping they don’t over-build.


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