9,460,000 Seconds (Bonefishing 2010)

A second isn’t so long… really… passes, literally in the blink of an eye.  So, all I have to do is blink my eyes about 9,460,000 times and I’ll be walking a flat in Grand Bahama looking for ghostly shadows.

I’ve picked my location, I’ve picked the dates and I have grandparents coming in to watch my daughter.  Now all I have to do is wait… and blink a lot.

I’ll be leaving on a red-eye on Jan. 13th and fishing the next afternoon.  I’ll be staying at some place that is $51 a night… I’m only going to be sleeping and showering there… I don’t need a pool… I don’t need breakfast… I hardly need sheets.  With the rental car in there I should be right about $100 a day.

Not too bad.

I know there are flats I can walk out on… I know because I found my first solo bonefish there last December.

Feels good to have it sorted out and now all I have to do is count down from 9,460,000.

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  1. Congrats on your next fly fishing location…

    I find myself at times bouncing around like a BB in a empty box car, what? when? where? and of course how much?

    Fortunately, the wife asked the ultimate question 2 weeks ago… “when are you going to teach me to fly fish” YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS SWEEEEEETY!

    Great site.

    John A “BonefFish on the brain”

  2. Ha! My wife has told me she’s not going to fish… and I believe her. Luckily, I’m raising my 2.5 year old little girl to be my fishing partner!

    The how much drives so much of my decision making at this point… so many places just in the Bahamas look sooooo good, but come in 2x-5x more than I’m going to spend… and the lack of direct flights is a bummer. When I go on a fishing trip I want to fish, not burn days traveling. Oh, so many places, so little time!

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