A new trend?

Now this is some cool stuff. Saw this over at the El Pescador facebook page.

Thinks this could be a new trend in fishing photography?

Blub, blub, blub


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  1. Just when he’s exhausted from fighting for his life he’s partially asphyxiated for a fin and grin shot?

  2. Hmmm… see, I thought that was an improvement over the standard permit grip and grin shot. Usually, that fish is shown mid-boat and must be out of the water for 5 minutes… so, I’m thinking this is pointed in the right direction, no?

  3. Photo’s like that are all fine and dandy until an unseen Bull or Big Lemon shark come rushing in after being attracted by the struggle. Once on Eleuthera Bahama’s, I was preparing to bring a nice 5lb. bone to hand when a large shark came rushing in from a nearby dark channel. Surprised the heck out of my and my only savior was that I was in ankle deep water. This dude looks to be in 3 or 4 feet of water and submerged at that. Hope the guide was keeping a good lookout.


  4. Good point, two years ago I was struggling to lip a red I’s caught in Everglades National Park – my lack of coordination saved my hand. A big lemon mouthed the red and took line until I was able to break it off. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be clumsy!
    Skip Clement, publisher

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