Abbey Nichols-Callaway does Bonefish

I saw a new e-zine called “Destination” today.  Nice little magazine with a LOT of flats and back country boats in it.  I also noticed some art and followed the link back to see more.  Abbey Nichols-Callaway is the artist.

My objective is to create excitement over single subjects using vivid colors and three dimensional textures, complimenting or blending them into the watercolor image. I tend to make my fish animated but use realistic details to capture specific species of which the work is based. My finished work exhibits lifelike, fluid motion due to the optical illusion created by the abstract colors and textured canvas. This personified approach results in unique pieces that represent my passion and respect for all aquatic life.

Some good looking stuff.

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  1. Thank you! I love to hear what people think! Keeps me painting new stuff! -Abbey

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Love it Abbey. Keep it up!

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