Al Caucci Fly Fishing

Tips for bonefishing from Al Caucci.  Why not?

Rig your rods with flies before you step into a boat. This way when your guide stops the boat you are on the bow and ready to fish by the time he makes his first push with the pole. I can’t tell you how many times I caught and landed bonefish while someone was struggling to get their rod strung up.

You can read all of Al’s advice at Al Caucci Fly Fishing.

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  1. Quick Rig.
    The Key: Rubber bands. So, you probably know this. The quickest was to be ready to fish and set up is so simple: before I leave the lodge/room/whatever, I completely rig up, from leader to fly, etc. I use four piece rods . Reel in until the fly it at the tip. Break down the rod in half (second section), pay out some line, put the tip section to at the reel — the fly in the tip. So, tip-to-butt. Hold the sections together with a couple of rubber bands around your choice of guides. Adjust the sections so the tip is within an inch or so of the butt, where the butt or reel will protect it. Voila! When you get to the boat , or the flat , it takes about 10 seconds to take off the rubber bands off,put the two sections together, pull mr. fly out, and be ready to go. Takes about half the time it does to read this. I carry two/three rods to the boat this way. In ten years, I’ve never broken anything. Bye bye rod tubes/bags and the time it takes with that stuff. Leave ’em at the lodge. You are rigged before you start. The guides love it. Plus, if you are in the truck or car, the rods fit in nicely. Of course, this is not just for salt. Heading for a Colorado float — same thing. Rigged and Ready.

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