All coming together

I understand Thursday could be a little rough, in terms of the weather around Biscayne Bay, but Martin is game, Adrienne is game and I’m certainly game. It is going to happen, rain or shine, and we are all pretty stoked.

I’ll be meeting Davin and Matt after we get off the water on Thursday and we’ll head down to Islamorada together. I’ve never met any of these guys (and gal), so there is an added element of uncertainty. We’ve talked on the phone a few times though and we have a good sense that we’ll get along, which is good.

If it isn’t packed, at this point, it isn’t going to be. I’ll be checking a large duffel with one of the boat bags inside it and I’ll carry on the other. That’s how I’ve solved that particular issue. Looks like it will work.

It is going to be great, regardless of the weather, even regardless of the fishing.

Let the good times roll.

All packed. Fitting shirt to sport. #SWC

All packed. Fitting shirt to sport. #SWC

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  1. Good luck with your new buddies, the weather, and the snook, bones and tarpon. Soon you’ll have “Snook, Tarpon, & Permit on the Brain*”
    *Oh, yeah, I forgot, bonefish!” I’m headed for Charlotte Island for my first shot at tarpon mid June. Love the SWC shirt. I’ve got their
    “Bad Permit” shirt.

  2. […] just spent the last week with a group of like minded folk in Florida searching (mainly in vain) for tarpon. I was a lot further south than the area mentioned […]

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