And just like that… it’s gone.

Photo by Cameron Miller down at Andros South.

Man… after all that BS, it looks like the new regulations will just go away. Poof. Like Keyser Soze.

I am the Chairman of the Central & South Abaco branch of the Free National Movement. During the campaign, our candidate (and now Member of Parliament) James Albury made it clear that one of our first priorities would be to remove these wretched regulations. If there need to be regulations, they will be put into place after proper consultations with all members of the Bonefishing industry and not in any great haste. But we will not accept the new government waiting to remove the existing ones. With Gray gone, we will be having early conversations with the new Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. Of that you can be most assured.

What a crazy turn of events. Prescott Smith comes to power in the BFFIA with some PLP help/money, makes this crazy scheme his number one priority, sews discord all over the fly fishing community, alienates thousands of anglers from around the world and then the PLP get absolutely trounced in elections and the new govt will just scrap the whole thing.

This is certainly a good turn of events for the Bahamas. Just have to hope that the anglers return and the animosity gets paved over (just not in a “Indian burial ground” kind of way).

I don’t know when things will officially be rescinded, but it seems like it will happen soon.

I think almost all of us were in favor of a license fee so long as it actually went towards preserving the resources and not into some political account or back pocket. So, I hope the license is revived in a way that is a positive for the fishery.

It seems like there is an opening here to do some positive things, for anglers, for Bahamians and for the fishery.

I’m optimistic.

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  1. YES! Again, I ask for patience! Bahamians, will eventually do, what’s in our best interest of ALL!

  2. Wisdom and common sense prevail! Congratulations Bahamas!!!!

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