Anyone up for tying?

UPDATED – I think we are full at this point. We’ll also have an extra box donated by Cliff Outdoors that we’ll fill and auction off for BTT.

I’ll get the deets up soon.


There are people that buy flies and people that tie them. I, myself am a hybrid of those two things.

I used to love tying trout nymphs and had a few patterns I could count on for my home waters. I never really got into tying dry flies and bought at my local (usually the Ted Fay Fly Shop).

Then I started bonefishing and I fell in love with tying #4’s and #2’s and I found I had a hard time putting a #16 in the vice. I don’t tie my trout bugs anymore, but I very much enjoy tying bonefish patterns.

I know we have more than a couple fly tiers readers here, so I’m wondering if folks might be up for a fly swap.

This would be bonefish specific flies and I’d think we’d look to do up to 10 people tying enough for each person to have two of each pattern (you can’t have just one of a fly… what if it works?).

Let me know if you are interested.

Prep central.

Prep central.

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  1. I’m in…let me know the details

  2. I would love to. Count me in.

  3. I’m up for it. What a great idea!

  4. Brilliant! Sounds like fun. Count me in 🙂

  5. Ross Chamberlain

    I’d like to take part

  6. Great, count me in too, long time I dont do a swap

  7. I told my wife about your idea, Bjorn.
    She replied, in her best Fargo accent;

    “Isn’t dat cute. It’s like a cookie bake!”



  8. HA… very much like a cookie bake.

  9. I’m in that sounds awesome

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