Are those pliers in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

I got a package in the mail today (three actually). I was excited to get a peek inside.

This was one of the items…

Those are some nice pliers.
Those are some nice pliers.

I haven’t had really nice pair of pliers before. These are really nice. They fit well in my hand. They feel very well made. They have a weight to them, a gravitas.

No barb shall stand in my way. No wire or heavy mono shall remain uncut.

It feels very serious, like I should be serious with them in my hand. My daughter asked if she could have them… I laughed at her outlandish request.

Up to this point I’ve bought the cheap pliers off Amazon. Just whatever looked serviceable and was under $20. The Hydro pliers from Orvis are about $140-170, so a different ballgame altogether. They feel like a different ball game too. They feel so much better made, so solid.

Very much looking forward to getting these out in Long Island in the Bahamas come March.

This is the freshwater version, which is just a little bit smaller than the saltwater version, but is equally suited for a salty life.

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