Want a Hell's Bay Skiff for $100?

Hell’s Bay makes some good looking boats.  I’m sure they are impressive.  What if you could get a Waterman (a $33,000 boat) for $100?  That would be kind of kick ass, no?

Well… you can… if you are the lucky winner of the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s Sweepstakes.  Basically, if you are a first-time member and join at the $100 level, you get put in the drawing.  If you are a renewing member and come in at $250 or higher, you are in the drawing.

In addition to the big prize, there are a monthly drawings for gear from companies like Sage, Orvis, Tibor, Redington, Penn and Temple Fork Outfitters.

So… join, now.  That’s some mighty good shwag and if you are reading this, BTT is probably an organization that should be getting your support.

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