I’ve only been to two services where ashes were spread.  One was my grandfather’s ashes into Puget Sound back in the summer of 1993.  The other time was on Saturday as we spread the ashes of my grandmother in the waters of the South Fork American River just below Twin Bridges.

Funny thing is that these two divorced about a half-century ago and were two of the least compatible people I can imagine together… and in fact, I never saw them together… not once in my whole life.  Still, when it came to where they each would spend eternity, they both chose water.

It rattles your sense of perspective to see someone you knew and loved as a gray powder in a plastic bag… so small in contrast to the size of their lives.  It is overwhelmingly appropriate to watch that powder spread out, blossom and bloom to become a cloud that dances and swims… alive.

So, on that note, I will be back with more things bonefish come Tuesday.

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