Awesome Job Landing a Bonefish

Well… maybe “awesome” in a sort of ironic sense… still, looked fun (or funny).

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  1. OMG… as the saying goes. That. Was. Amazing. I absolutely love to watch people hook into their first (or one of their first) bonefish. It is never without incident–and it’s often a hilarious incident. That was pretty good.

    Last week I had a guest tie a “wind knot” around the hook shank just below the eyes. We had no idea of this until the fish grabbed, ran, and totally opened the hook. Had another guy who missed fish after fish until I said (with some vehemence), “Look, stop swinging the rod when you run out of line, PLEASE. The fish will eat the fly if you don’t pull it away from him.” On the very next fish he kept stripping and the fish ate the fly with 1 foot (ONE FOOT) of leader out of the rod tip. I’m not even kidding. It ate, he hooked it, cleared the line, and the fish immediately ran him around a broken down dock piling. We both laughed. The end.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    I like it. You are in an enviable position in that you get to see the first bonefish people catch. For the short time I was a trout fly fishing guide I really loved that part… letting someone see the first fish they had ever caught… special stuff.

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