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I like jacks. Jacks are simply fun to catch. They are aggressive and they pull hard and they eat flies. Questions?

I saw this picture a few days back on my facebook feed, but I couldn’t find it again when I went looking for it. Luckily, the guys over at Moldy Chum did. Check out that link. There’s a video too.

That's a cool picture.

That’s a cool picture.

Does make me think of this classic from Skinny Water Culture.




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  1. Random post here- any recommendations on places to travel FOR jacks? I’m of the same mind of you “They are aggressive and they pull hard and they eat flies” … But you don’t exactly see Jack Crevalle Lodges…

  2. Good question. I think there are lots of places to catch Jacks, but I don’t know of an operation that markets that idea… “come and catch as many Jacks as you want.” I’d go there.

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