Bahamas – Bad Math

It is looking more and more likely that the regulations proposed to restrict flats fishing are aimed at DIY anglers and foreign lodges. The provisions allowing the denial of a permit to an angler and the nebulous requirements that lodges might have to fulfill in order to operate may not have been unintentionally vague, but may have been written in a way so that decision on who gets to fish, who gets to guide and who gets to operate lodges is given to those who would use those powers to limit competition, restrict DIY anglers and try to direct more business to themselves.

So, all those things that would be easy to fix to get something more reasonable on the table seem to be mechanisms with malicious intent purposefully crafted to do the very things they look like they could do in a worst case scenario.

This idea that if you get rid of DIY angling and foreign lodges the Bahamas somehow flourishes is just bad math. It is the economic equivalent to children playing with matches in a bone dry field. Bad things are going to happen and people are going to get hurt.

Not every guide in the Bahamas is in favor of this, not by a long way, but there are some folks in positions of influence and power who seem hellbent on doing something, even after the mounting evidence that it will go badly. This could become a case study on what happens when you alienate your key customers.

Here’s a story from the Nassau Guardian voicing just one lodge owner’s (Bahamian at that) concern over what is happening.

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  1. Hey thanks for your site. I have been sending a flurry of emails, and trying to drum up as much support through the small amount of social media I partake in. I sent respectful, but to the point emails to both the lodges and the fly Fishing Association that support these regs. Family and I have owned a property down there for 20 years, bought when it was dirt cheap, so it hits home. I cant afford to pay a guide, and I don’t want to anyways. I have always been a DIY fly fisherman. This law will affect a lot of my Bahamian friends who have rental properties near flats, and get a lot of business from people who want to be close to them. Not to mention the people who want to use a guide for a few days, and then do some touring around the island to access the flats that are easily accessed and save a bit of money(a lot) and by doing so, inject money into OTHER Bahamians wallets, like small restaurants, local shops, gas stations ect. To say to them “hey thanks for hiring a guide, now get off our island” is shitty. I hope the Bahamian locals realize that point. Making it guide only will benefit the lodges mostly.

    Appreciate all your work bringing the issue to more people.

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