Bahamas Fly Fishing Hurricane Relief Fund

Bahamas Fly Fishing Relief Fund
Joaquin has caused some major damage in the Bahamas as it sat over islands like Long, San Sal, Crooked and Acklins for days. Since it formed locally, many of the precautionary measures normally taken were impossible. Once the immediate food and shelter issues are taken care of there will be a lot of folks who need some help getting their businesses back up and running to support their families. The Bahamas Fly Fishing Hurricane Relief Fund is intended to help members of the fly fishing industry who need help getting their businesses back up and running. This isn’t about giving a man a fish, or teaching a man to fish (they know how to do that already), it is about getting him back out fishing again.

How it works
Funds will be collected by the Abaco Fly Fishing Guide’s Association. To apply for help applicants need to be a member of one of the fly fishing associations (AFFGA or BFFIA). Applicants just need to say what they need the money for and how it will help them get their business back up and running (a more flushed out application will be made available once we get a sense of how much money has been raised). Funds will be administered by the AFFGA. Amounts given will be determined based on the total amount raised, the need stated and the principal of widest possible impact (helping as many people in a meaningful way as possible).

The total amount of money raised and the total amount of money given out, for what and in what amounts, will be posted within 3 months.

How to give
You can give to the fund through the AFFGA’s PayPal account (the link is on the left side, just click on the PayPay icon). Simply include “FLY FISHING HURRICANE RELIEF FUND” in the purpose.

First, we need to raise some money, then we can see how much support we can actually give so we can let the guides know how much help they can get. So, if you know some industry folks or a few hedge fund guys who love bonefishing, let’s get some money into the AFFGA so we can get some help to those guides impacted by that rat bastard Joaquin.

The Bahamas is a special place. These are good, hard working people. These are people we like and people we generally spend some of our best days with. Let’s do what we can to keep them in business.

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