Joaquin Recovery – How You Can Help

Joaquin was kind of a bastard for the Bahamas. Since it formed locally it was difficult to complete preparations. Then, the storm nearly stalled over Long, Crooked, Acklins, Rum Cay and San Sal and dumped buckets of rain (up to 25″) and unleashed raging winds of over 100 mph. There is a lot of devastation.

These people are going to need some help. These are people you likely have stayed with, fished with or eaten with if you visited these islands.

Here are some funds set up to help.

Hurricane Joaquin Relief – a Crowdrise site.

Elbow Cay Community Association Hurricane Relief Fund – from Indiegogo.

I’m looking at setting something up to help the guide/lodge community get their businesses back up, but the immediate need is food, water, shelter.

A list of efforts from The Tribune.



  1. Bjorn,
    I copied and pasted below part of post on the AFFGA facebook page regarding the Elbow Cay Community Association Hurricane Relief Fund. (Hope Town, Abaco) For what it is worth, I can personally attest that this is a legitimate fund raiser and will benefit those most in need in the hurricane ravaged areas in the Southern Bahamas.

    From Stafford Patterson’s post:
    Based on our experiences with past Hurricanes, notably Andrew (’92) and Floyd (’99) we propose to send personnel and emergency supplies via aircraft to the areas most affected by this storm as soon as conditions permit. Many of you have expressed a desire to donate funds to assist our effort. Many of us here in Hope Town well recall how we were assisted from other Bahama Islands, our second homeowners and other friends after Floyd and how much we appreciated every bit of assistance that came from anywhere. They don’t call it RELEIF for nothing. Those people need our help and we are going to provide. Thanks again for everyone’s assistance towards our Hurricane Relief Effort.

    Questions/Donations contact Rhiannon Thomas 1 242 366 0819 or also Stafford Patterson @ 1 242 577 0273 or We are on Face book at Hope Town Bulletin.

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m going to send cash to my guide (via US banking) to help him distribute as he sees fit.

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