Bahamian Kalik Beer

Wishing I was having one of these right now… as it would mean I was just in from a bonefish flat somewhere in the Bahamas.

As with any other national treasure, the owner country is selfishly possessive. To have a Kalik , you have to go to the Bahamas.

via Bahamian Kalik Beer.

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  1. “To have a Kalik , you have to go to the Bahamas.”

    For the last couple of years, I’ve been buying Kalik in Florida. I wonder if it’s the real stuff, or bottled under a licensing deal?

  2. Good question. I’ll find out.

  3. I’ve bought it at Publix before in South Florida and at the rare bar down there. Tasted like the real stuff.

  4. Thanks Pete. I read that some FL Super Walmarts have Kalik too, but there may be a difference… Gold vs. Silver label.

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