Because I don’t know when to stop… Reason #2

OK… I did Reason #1 that saltwater fly fishing is better than fresh water fly fishing yesterday… and, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I’m going in for seconds…

Reason #2… 7X tippet

I hate 7X

I don’t have a 7x hook set.  I pop flies off on 7x in the mouths of fishes who have just eaten my flies.  I hate 7x.  I don’t fish with it anymore and I don’t care how picky the fish are.  I kind of hate 6x. 5x and I have a history, and you usually can’t get 3x through the eye of a #20, so 5x is my compromise on that front.

I love that in saltwater fishing LIGHT tippet is 10 pound.  I’m kind of floored, as I attempt to put together tarpon leaders, that you can fish with shock tippet that is 40 lb. or 60 lb.  That’s nuts… but, ya know… in a good way.

All hail the salt!

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  1. I’m with you Bjorn. Despite all the trout fishing I do, I’m determined to get through life without ever buying or using 7x- it’s one of the few rules I have!

  2. “plink” goes the 7x. “Damn!” goes the angler.

    I’m down for the 7x boycott.

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