Bibbling Bonefish

Twelve o’clock,” exclaimed Andy, our Bahamian guide. “A hundred feet—school of bibblers.”

I had no idea what a bibbler was, but I could see a school of small bonefish swimming around with their heads just breaking the water, like maybe they were eating something on the surface that I couldn’t see.

via Tropical Bonfish Fishing.

If you missed Joe Gonzalez’s interview (yesterday), he mentioned bibbling bonefish.  This was a word I had never heard of and I wanted to find a supporting reference and find I did.  The above story comes from Florida Sportsman and was written by Harlan Franklin.

The author... I think.

I haven’t been on too many trips, but I think I even saw fish behaving this way while fishing with guide Bernard Bevans out of McLeans Town on Grand Bahama.  I’m not  sure, but I think my dad actually caught one of those fish.

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