Bimini – with a twist.

It really isn’t that hard… don’t know why I was fretting so much about tying these up.

Interesting that Davin over at Flatswalker ties an 8 twist Bimini.  Interesting.

Luckily bonefish leaders are pretty simple and trout leaders… why would you tie a trout leader?

These leaders are for Cuba, where I plan on catching a tarpon bigger than my daughter (she’s a giant, by the way).

I brought some 20# into the office today… just for when I have a few moments of down-time.

These will work. I hope.

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  1. Bimini’s are almost the easiest knots to tie, ever. Really. I use 8 turns because it’s been tested to be stronger (in 20 pound line). True deal. I think it was one of those knots tests in Saltwater Fishing.. or Angler, or whatever. Anyways, I’ve used it since then and landed a 100+ pound tarpon on it… on my 9-weight… in roughly 25 minutes… on a barbless fly. True story. Best tarpon bite EVER.

  2. You should make a video yourself on the step by step of making a tarpon leader from the butt section, to where it connects to the fly. I’ve searched everywhere to see a good descriptive video of how it’s done.

  3. I should do that… true. Maybe I even will.

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