Bjorn’s Kitchen Sink Fly

Yeah, OK… I haven’t really done this before and this fly isn’t exactly all that, but, ya know… figured I’d show you, my loyal and obedient readers, how I put one of my flies together. These are all taken with my iPhone, so, a little fuzzy.

Step 1: This is a #2 saltwater hook. Tan big fly thread.

Step 2: Larger, but not huge, bead chain eyes. Reverse Style.

Step 3: A couple strands of black krystal flash, long.

Step 4: The tail is a clump of rabbit strip, just snipped off and tied in. You can use tan, bright orange, burnt orange… whatever.

Step 5: Wrap pearl braid up to the eye.

Step 6: Tie in some rubber legs.  Again, color is up to you.

Step 8: Kraft Fur wing. As you do.

Step 9: A little pearl flash over the Kraft Fur.

Step 10 (man, there are a lot of steps in this thing!): Some UV Cure somethingorother (this is from Loon) along the spine of the fly.


There ya go.  Done.  This is kind of a buys fly, but it has a few things going for it, or so I hope.  This is the kind of fly the fish either fight for or run from.

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  1. Nice. Buggy! Bet dem bones eat that up, man.

  2. Thanks. It is a little busy, but… you get the general idea.

  3. I’m going to give it a try because I really like yellow for our bonefish.

  4. Not bad photos for an iPhone! I get the drift. Seems big but I hear those Bahamas bones (in some places) like big!

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