Bonecrusher – Larry Dahlberg

I’ve been directed toward Larry Dahlberg’s Bonecrusher a few times.  I watched it catch fish on one of Larry’s “Hunt for Big Fish” shows and have been thinking of that fly for a while.

I couldn’t find any videos of the Bonecrusher being tied, but I did find a message board with an email from Larry himself.  Worth a look.

"more of a concept than a fly"

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  1. […] A little clip of how to tie Larry Dahlberg’s Bonecrusher, a very effective bonefish fly. Read more about it the fly here: […]

  2. A couple of years now gone by and I thought I’d look up the fly again and here I find a link to my original inquiry. The internet can be a small world sometime. The video link by the way is truly awesome.


  3. It is a small world. Great fly.

  4. Update, this pattern worked incredibly well in Ascension Bay. Fish truly do move for it.

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