Bonefish Taste and a Trout Budget

My wife made that comment last night on the phone… “You have bonefish taste and a trout budget.”

So true.

I still love trout.  They are here, which is one considerable Plus they have over bonefish.  Made it out again today for a couple hours on my home water (The Upper Sacramento) in a place I’ve fished at least 100 times, probably more.  Temps were cooler and so was the fishing.  Managed 2 fish in 2 hours, both small.  Did see a golden stone on the water and a great, big massive gray drake, but no noses.  All fish were caught on a 4 wt. and the reel was never in any danger of being tested.

The leaves have mostly fallen, the river is empty.  Love it.

The leaves have mostly fallen, the river is empty. Love it.

As I was out there not catching fish and watching my own breath I did think about how when I am getting my arse kicked some place tropical I seldom lose feeling in my toes.

I’m still hoping to get to Belize this summer with my dad, but we have to see how the tax man treats us and a variety of other, mostly financial, factors end up shaking out.

At my one-time local fly shop (I moved), the Ted Fay Fly Shop, I ran into Guide Fred Gordon who spent a couple weeks in Abaco just after I went to Grand Bahama.  Even in the heart of California trout country, I still see constant reminders of  bonefish… see, I have bonefish on the brain.

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