What Santa Brought Me (and Santa’s name is Bob)

So… my dad went in to the local fly shop and it turns out someone had come in recently and given Bob (the owner) a big box of saltwater flies.  Bob is more into prince nymphs and BWO’s and he just gave my dad the whole box to give to me.

I did the count last night… 1,048 flies… cockroaches, bendbacks, clousers, bonefish critters, bendbacks… dozens and dozens and dozens.

That there is a lot of flies... a LOT of flies.

I have a feeling I’ll be giving a fair number away to you good folks, but if someone wants a couple hundred flies in exchange for an old Galvan Torque or Nautilus… well… just say’n.

Hope Santa got you some nice gear, or, better yet, some air travel vouchers so you can go visit Butch, or Lori-Ann or Andrew.

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  1. Merry Christmas
    It looks like you just won the Saltwater Fly Lotto

  2. I totally did… it’s kind of crazy.

  3. lucky!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Can you trade them for air miles?

  5. I wish.

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