Bonefishing Capital of the World

There is a general consensus on where the  “Bonefishing Capital of the World” is… Andros.  In four pages of Google Search results, only one outlier was found… sorry Bimini, it isn’t you.

Sure, there are other places with big bonefish, lots of bonefish, maybe even a few with better bonefishing, but the marketing gods have spoken (and the Gods of Google) and the star on the map of Bonefishistan is affixed to Andros

Andros, being the seat of power, boasts an impressive number of lodges, although it is not generally considered to be a great DIY spot (although it can and has been done… I should add “not by me.”).

Andros South is found here, the operation run by Deneki Outdoors and home to FIBFest.

Tiamo and Kamalame are there.  Big Charlie (I know Flatswalker is a fan) is there.  Andros Island Bonefishing Club, Small Hope Bay Lodge, and many more lodge operations dot Andros from North to South.

So many options, so many fish, so much water to cover… really, more than you could hope to fish in a lifetime.

Andros… I’m coming for you… sooner or later.

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  1. Hey Bjorn!.

    Would you believe that there is an area that has more Bonefish habitat than the Florida Keys and Andro’s Is. Bahama’s combined? Hopefully, soon will be the day whereby you (as a U.S. national) will be allowed to fish the waters of Cuba!. The Jardines of the King…the Queen…Cayo Romano…Isla Juvintude…the Zapata Penninsula and Cayo Largo etc. are at your becon call…plus many more prime locations. You don’t know what you’re missing…but mabey that’s a good thing?

    Oh yeah!…they eat Bonefish there!!!….DOH!!!!!!!….ARRRRGGG!!!!


  2. Cuba sounds pretty good, and I’m still unsure why we can go to China, but not Cuba. Truth is, plenty of Americanos are heading there. I can hardly get out to wet a line for carp, so I think Cuba may have to wait. Kind of like “only Nixon could go to China,” I don’t think Obama can do much with Cuba. Politics… Probably the reason fishing was established as a pastime.

  3. Henry I take it that you have been to Andros before and now Cuba and can unwittingly say that Cuba has more bonefish than the Florida Cays and Andros combined>?! … Hope your facts are correct!

  4. Hi Coko!

    I get a sense for what you’re saying/implying. Point well taken! For the most part, Bonefish in the Florida Keys and Andros Is. are well protected; resulting in healthy fish populations. In Cuba, the “Sportfishing mentality” hasn’t quite taken hold yet. As I so pointedly stated…”they eat bonefish there”…nuff said!?

    I do believe that my “facts” are correct as I’ve stated them…re: “geographically” Cuba has more bonefish “HABITAT” than the Florida Keys and Andros Is. combined…I stand by that!. Do they have the “best” bonefishing?…I suppose it depends on where you go or what you’re expectations are. You want big fish?…go to Miami or Fresh Creek on Andros. You want numbers of stupid bones?…well?…that’s a toss-up between many places…Cuba included. At the very least, many of the places I mentioned…they don’t throw “flies”…they throw “nets”. That’s a sad thing for us Sportfisher-minded folks and I hope someday that harvesting Bonefish for food comes to an end. “But”!…if that would mean a Cuban national goes hungry (which I highly doubdt!)…then net away!

    Finest regards and tight loops,

    Henry Will
    Oshawa, Ontario

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