Bonefishing near Naples

So… Naples might not be the next bonefish Mecca… but that’s probably OK… we have a lot of those already.

I'd say about 9 pounds...

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  1. >99% chance the bonefish caught along the beach in Naples, FL is Albula garcia (Bigeye Bonefish). The Common Bonefish (Albula vulpes) makes up >95% of the recreational fishery in the Caribbean, but Bigeye Bonefish make up >95% of the juveniles caught along sandy beaches. We still don’t know the habitats used by juvenile Common Bonefish.

  2. Still so much to learn…

  3. Hi. I’m studying juvenile bonefish down in the Bahamas and I’ve been searching for bonefish just bout that size and smaller. I would love to know what depth of water you caught that fish in and if you know what kind of habitat(s) the fish was caught?

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