Bones in Yemen

I had read, a couple years back, about bones in and around the Persian Gulf… and now here’s some video of bones just around in the Gulf of Aden.

How awesome is that?



  1. makes more sense than “Salmon fishing in the Yemen” although that was a good read and a good movie

  2. This story emphasizes the biggest issue I had with that movie, Salmon Fishing in Yemen. It’s not that the fish couldn’t survive in the cold water in the mountains, it’s what would happen to them when the smolts tried to go to the ocean. The warm water would certainly kill them all. Having said that, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.

  3. Hated the book and movie. Ridiculous concept given the abject poverty and lack of water in Yemen.
    As for bonefish around the Arabian Peninsula, hell yes. Just google earth the coast of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea-white sand flats and islets that rival Christmas.
    BTW, thanks for sharing my video. The full story is at

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