Broken Links

The site has a LOT of broken links… hyperlinks pointing to the ghostly remains of “something” that once was, but is no more.

The blog has been going so long there are a lot of markers in the graveyard… companies that never got off the ground, blogs and websites that shared something important once and have faded into and then out of memory.

There are lodges that folded, some that were swept away, guides who have passed on or retired. There has been a lot of water under the bridge.

Heck, even this site has had several near misses with demise. I don’t write much on it these days as more of my time is spent on the youth soccer pitch than on any form of flat or doing any kind of fishing. I still have the itch. I still have the love. I just don’t have the committment to it, as I have other things I love that require tending and attention, like my marriage and my job, parenting and coaching.

It occured to me I was maybe something like an “influencer” back in the day, before that was a way you made a living, back before you got paid for it. I got some trips and some gear and some stories out of that era, but then came short-form social media, which I didn’t put the time into to figure out and when that faded in preference to more photo-driven and video-driven modes, well, I was two formats behind.

Today, no one really cares too much what I have to say on much of anything, and rightly so. But, I still have some stories to tell and thoughts to share on the pursuit of silvery fish in shallow waters with a fly rod in hand.

I can also still recognize some of the cool stuff floating around out there… like this very well written profile of Flip Pallot by Sarah Grigg. It is worth a read and will get you thinking.


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