The Math of a Bonefish Trip – Part 1

I have come across a fascinating mathematical truth.  As one approaches the needed number of frequent flyer miles to get a free ticket to somewhere bonefish exist live in abundance, the mind sees a corresponding increases in bonefish daydreaming activity.  When I finally do get enough miles, I’ll be forced to go bonefishing immediately because I will not be able to think of anything else (which would be bad… especially if I stop thinking about feeding, bathing, dressing and entertaining my 2.5 year old little girl, or to a lesser extent, feeding the dog).

So, it is for the sake of my daughter, my family, friends and pooch that I will be forced to head off for warm and tropical climes once the threshold of frequent flier miles is reached.

Bonefishing Math

Notice that I seem to have a rather high baseline of bonefish daydreams, so others, with a lower base level, may not experience this same confluence.

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