Broken Things

Man, I can’t really figure out what is wrong with the blog comments. I’m still trying to sort it out… in between the 7 year old and 9 month old and the job and the driving all over and the odd business trip and a wife who has a very big and hard job. It isn’t happening quickly.

I’m still at it, however, just so you know.

Florida is fast approaching and I’m very much looking forward to being back in the Keys and fishing with Dan and Derek.

I have a feeling there will be rushed packing… which will be OK, as I have only half unpacked from my trip to Long Island all those months ago. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to really unpack, it is like admitting defeat.

So, I’ll continue to try fixing whatever the hell is wrong with the blog on the technical side of things… you just go fishing somewhere, and tell me about it.


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