I found Carpland. I could see dozens of the fish, milling around. I could just see them, as the water clarity here is next to nothing, but still more than nothing, so, there was hope.

Carpland, open now.

Carpland, open now.

I stood next to some of them and they didn’t seem to mind. They also didn’t seem terribly interested in what I was doing. Sadly, while I found Carpland, I wasn’t good enough to get on the ride.

I hooked one and had a few good, solid runs out of it… better runs than I’ve had out of a carp to this point, really, and then it just came unbuttoned. It was my first carp hook up of the day and it would be my last.

My consolation prize and the only fish I brought to hand was this little bass.



In the end there were several take aways…

  1. The Clear Int Sink line really didn’t do the trick. It put me in the weeds way too fast.
  2. The flies I had were too heavily weighted and contributed greatly to the end results from #1.
  3. I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to really stalking carp.

I found them. I could even see them at a distance at times, but a fly stripped in their face wasn’t working. I don’t know if it was the size of the fly, the color of the fly, the speed of the strip, the cadence of the strip or if was just the carp being, collectively, kind of dickish.

I have much to ponder… and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep (figuratively speaking).



  1. I’m trying to place the lake from the pictures, and there isn’t much. Ca***o?

  2. I’d say it’s the “dickish” thing… yeah, that. Just my thoughts but carp are bastards and thank gods bonefish aren’t as picky/spooky or I’d be out of a job real quick.

  3. Also, not sure if it’ll help but I used a pattern similar to the Carp Crack as seen here:

    I used smallish hooks (#8’s and #6’s), small/x-small bead chain, and made the palmered collar more prominent. I also added a weedguard like bonefish flies. So far I’ve caught a few. Not a stellar endorsement, I know, but it’s worked at times. Other times they’re doing the dickish thing. Meh, their carp, at least you’ve found them.

  4. I have had a similar experience. I don’t think they see much in the murky water. I cast as close as I could to them and I had one pick up the fly while it was rooting around in the water weeds. I wouldn’t have even known it except that I saw my fly line starting to move away slowly. Did not land that carp either.

  5. bonefishbjorn

    Yup. Ca***o.

  6. bonefishbjorn

    I need all the help I can get.

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