Jun 13



Love it.

Jun 13



Love it.

May 13

I’m bringing everything

I’m packing. I leave on Wednesday, from work, which means I need to be all packed by Tuesday night. Better to start a day early so there are fewer (notice I didn’t say “is nothing) left behind.

I need to do a load of laundry too. Need to have the right underwear (not cotton boxers) and I am wearing a tarpon shirt from Skinny Water Culture that would make much more sense in a Florida context.

When I look at what I’m bringing it occurs to be that my packing list looks something like this…

  • Entire Content of Garage

I’m bringing lines for rods we don’t have, just in case. I’m bringing spools of tippet and extra sun gloves and just everything. Better safe than sorry, I’d say. I know it is silly. I’m going to Florida, not Andros. I could probably buy something I forget and there will be extra gear on hand, I’m sure, but I like to be prepared and so I’m going to have to check a bag, me thinks.

Now… I wonder what I’m forgetting…

That's just about it, I think.

That’s just about it, I think.

Another reason tomorrow is a big day is that tomorrow I teach my daughter how to spell “sister.” She has no idea.

Yep, it is going to be a big year.

Yep, it is going to be a big year.


May 13

Some FL odds and ends

I’m off to Philadelphia today for a few days. In the meantime I thought I’d turn your attention to a few of the folks I’ve interviewed who will play some role in the upcoming trip to Florida in search of the Silver King, the Grey Ghost, the… um… well, we’ll fish for anything really.

My very first interview was with Davin. Davin writes Flatswalker. He’s also an artist.

We’ll be fishing with a whole host of characters, including Derek Rust. Derek is the only person in the group I’ve actually fished with before, even if that was in the California salt. Derek has fallen in with a rough crowd since he moved out to Florida. Mainly, he’s hooked up with the Skinny Water Culture crew and is a regular feature on their blog, which is one of the best blogs by any company or individual on the net.

Bill Horn, as I mentioned yesterday, wrote a book about fishing the Florida Keys, so he’s a guy who knows a thing or two.

Eric Estrada is another guy connected with Skinny Water Culture and he happens to be one hell of an artist.

Who else we meet along the way and the adventures we have, well, we’ll keep you posted on all of that.

Needless to say… I’m all a tingle with anticipation.

My one previous FL trip

My one previous FL trip


Apr 13

The Bones of Florida

I’ve hears some talk recently about there being fewer bonefish in Florida these days.

The past is always better, right? But this isn’t 20 years ago past, this is, like, three years ago past.

Back not too long ago things got kind of cold in Florida. Bonefish, tarpon, snook… these fish don’t like cold water. In fact… they die.

The Florida Sportsman recently ran a story about what the guides are seeing on the FL flats.

Captain Lain Goodwin of Key Largo noted that effects of the frontal blasts varied from area to area. “After the cold snaps in 2010 I did notice a major decline,” said Goodwin. “I’d usually see from 20 to even 100 bones on a half-day trip, but now I’m lucky to find 10 to 20 on a good day. And yet on other flats in close proximity to Largo Sound, the bonefish population has remained steady.”

Anyone have first hand experience or insight to share on this?
I’m headed to FL for the first time (since I was 10) at the end of May and I’m very much looking forward to that trip.
Nice fish.

Nice fish.

Mar 13

Tying up some meat

In Belize I threw a lot of #6 flies, and even some #8’s. As I look forward to the Florida trip, I’m tying up some meat for any Biscayne Bones we might come across. That means tying up flies up to a size 1/0.

That’s kind of mind boggling.


I shudder thinking about the size of a bonefish that would eat a 1/0.

One… frigging… ought.

Big ole flies

Big ole flies

What’s the biggest fly you’ve thrown at a bonefish??

Dec 12

The New Fly Fisher at El Pescador

Bonus, Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis is along on the trip as The New Fly Fisher heads to El Pescador in Belize.

Aug 12

At the show


I’m at the show in Reno. What can I say? Really fun being here, seeing the new gear and meeting both new friends and people I’ve been talking to for years but had never met. There will be a lot of posts coming out of this.

More impressive than the show girls, I met Joan Wulff. I geeked out a bit.


Aug 12

Moving day

Goodbye San Jose. Hello Fremont.


Aug 12

1997 Keys

A little video of the Keys from 1997.