The Sailboat Diaries from Wild Fly

I stumbled upon the Sailboat Diaries from Wild Fly Productions just yesterday. Hadn’t watched it before.

I love it.

I love it because, damn, what an adventure. I also love it because it isn’t about going out and just banging out a bunch of bonefish. These guys mostly don’t know what they are doing, but they figure it out and you get to be there for that.

My first bonefishing trip was with a guide in the Bahamas. These guys decided for their first bonefishing trip they would have a buddy sail a sailboat to a bunch of rarely accessed flats. That’s a big call.

They don’t go and have immediate success. There’s a process, a growing into it. Ya gotta love that because that’s real.

I envy these guys making that kind of trip. I’m unlikely to make that kind of trip happen at this point and I kind of wish I could.

Anyway… go along with these guys on their journey.

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  1. Awesome videos. Sailing and bonefishing, two of my favorite things to do.

  2. I’ve watched these enthusiastic adventurers small bus it around the west and love their style. Thanks for the tip on the bareboat bonefishing. Would love that!

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