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With brilliant, wide-open beaches on its northern side, magnificent reefs and flats that surround the island on all sides, and a total population of less than 10,000 people (almost all of whom speak English), Guanaja in many ways is what the rest of the Caribbean must have been like before being discovered by mega-resorts, cruise ships, and aging snowbirds dressed in madras shorts.

via Honduras Bonefishing | Yellowdog Fly Fishing Trips.

A pretty good look at Guanaja from Jim over at Yellow Dog.  Sounds hard to get to, largely undeveloped and like a little slice of paradise

Skinny Water Central American Bones


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  1. Good photography bonefish, is similar to Spanish barbel, they feed on “freswater flats”, may be fished with flies like crazy charly as well as chernovyl dry fly and more.
    In Spain it is known as freshwater bonefish, check my blog to view.

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