Jan 19

Beyond the Horizon video – Honduras

Well… that’s pretty damn interesting. Off the map in Honduras.


Feb 12

Out of the way places

There are so many places to fish… really… SO many places, but it seems the folks who book those trips tend to send anglers to the same places.  There are plenty of outfitters who book Andros and Mexico and even Christmas or the Seychelles.  While there are so many places to fish, you have to search a bit to find an outfit that will take you some place new.

One place that isn’t on everyone’s list is Guanaja Lodge… in Honduras.

Honduras doesn’t usually rise to the top when you start talking about fly fishing destinations for bonefish.  Really, I don’t think I’ve heard it come up in casual conversation with more than one or two people… and I talk about bonefish a lot (so much it tends to annoy people).

Yup… that’s from Honduras.

Apr 11

New Lodge… Guanaja

That’s Honduras, in case you are not up on your Caribbean geography.  It is actually not the first time I’ve heard of Guanaja.

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing mentioned it a short time ago and the Fly Shop’s Mike Michalak caught his first bonefish there.

Looks pretty nice.

Our lodge is at a new location in the middle of Guanaja’s South Cays–right on the flats! We are surrounded by bonefish and permit, you can step outside the door of our plush guest house and cast to tailing fish.

via Fly Fish Guanaja.

That's President Carter... a very decent man.

Jan 11

Central American Bones – Yellow Dog

With brilliant, wide-open beaches on its northern side, magnificent reefs and flats that surround the island on all sides, and a total population of less than 10,000 people (almost all of whom speak English), Guanaja in many ways is what the rest of the Caribbean must have been like before being discovered by mega-resorts, cruise ships, and aging snowbirds dressed in madras shorts.

via Honduras Bonefishing | Yellowdog Fly Fishing Trips.

A pretty good look at Guanaja from Jim over at Yellow Dog.  Sounds hard to get to, largely undeveloped and like a little slice of paradise

Skinny Water Central American Bones


Jan 10

Bob Frigging Clouser!

A nice little Clouser slide show from Honduras.

Just so you know… you can buy a clouser from… ya know… Bob Clouser.  Bet they are well tied.

The trip in this little vid is a Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures trip.  Runs about $5K.

Oct 09

Horduras Bonefish

It makes sense from a Google Earth perspective that Honduras would have bonefish.  Turns out it does.

One place that seems to be booking for your Honduran Bonefish get away is Mango Creek Lodge, located on the island of Roatan.  One thing I found interesting in reading Mango Creek’s list of what to bring were the fly sizes… up to #10.  That’s a trout fly!  The fish seem to be on the smaller end of the spectrum, that 3-5 pound size that lets you know you’ll probably see schools, but won’t need to break out the 9 weight.

As far as lodges go, Mango Creek is far from the most expensive.  A 7 night, 6 fishing-day stay is $2,200 (double occupancy).  That’s not too bad, really.  Oh, but it will cost about $900 to fly there and back.  Details.

Home to your Honduran Bonefish Odyssey

You can also catch bones on the Honduran Island of Guanaja, according to the Fish Guanaja Honduras blog.  The author says he fishes for world class bones, but no pictures or sizes are actually mentioned… so, who knows.  Emerald Waters offers a trip to Guanaja and talks in glowing terms about the fishery.  A week with them will cost you about $3,200 per angler.

It seems Hurricane Mitch did some real damage  to the island and the island’s mangroves back in 1998.  The island and the fishery are still recovering, but are doing so in relative isolation.

A Honduran Bone from Emerald Waters

See… now that’s a good looking fish right there.

When you’ve done the Bahamas, the Keys and the Seychelles, you may have to check out Honduras at some point too.