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  1. Hi Bjorn,

    Got to love being barefoot and bonefishing, Some of my fondest bonefishing memories are of fishing ocean-side beaches on Eleuthera barefooted with nothing more that shorts, a T shirt, a small box of flies and some spare tippit material. Feeling the wash of the waves and sand between my toes as I work the fish feeding heavily in the curls gives me goose-bumps. Something about fishing in such a spartan manner just feels “soooo right”!!! Sort of just “the way it was meant to be”…know what I’m sayin?

    Damn the thumbusters, clam shells, urchins and other such sharp thingies…it’s all about going “commando” or “nothing” Got ta love it!!!

    Cudo’s to this video dude…really enjoyed the link Bjorn.


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