Costa Rica Tarpon

I don’t think I want to go for a swim in here, but the tarpon look FUN.

I really need to get into another tarpon.

I’m just going to say this… there is usually no point to just casting your fly back and forth more than, oh, twice. I call that “casterbating” while you may use another term. Whatever it is, it isn’t shadow casting from a river runs through it, which isn’t a thing anyway.

In that video the angler is doing two things I’d change. First… cast closer to the shore. If you are as short as he is, so frequently, that’s not doing you any favors. Put the fly in front of the fish. Second… get that fly out of the air and into the water.

Costa Rica… yeah… on the list, but the list is too long.

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  1. Tell me about it… such a hard fish to catch on a fly! Another tarpon trip with zero grabs in two guided days! Heard that two weeks ago a SW FL angler got pulled over board by a tarpon and was attacked by a bull shark! Ever heard of drag settings? Don’t know the details.

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