Cuba Photos by Jim Klug

Yeah… he’s pretty frigging good at this stuff.  Check out Jim’s photo album over at Jim Klug Outdoor Photography.

The Tortuga, by Jim Klug


That's mine (the fish, the photo is by Jim)

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  1. Great photos. Thanks

  2. Bjorn, those pics are amazing. Wiping the drool off my computer now. Who was on the trip and did Jim use a standard underwater point and shoot for the underwater shots?

  3. Great stuff, guys!

  4. Great pics. Beutiful place

  5. Fantastic shots by Jim Bjorn!.

    I Must say thought!…a few “Hero Shots” in there!. “Just sayin!”… As far as I’m concerned…so long as there’s water still dripping from the fins; well!?, the fish is doing good and the angler got the shots they’re looking for. We all can have our cake and eat it too!!!…”just have to keep the fishes’ well being in mind”.

    Pic’s like that keep fishing periodicals/magazines/web-pages etc.
    going. Without the “hero-shot” none of us would have goals to aspire to, visualize/duplicate/achieve.

    Carry the “Do No Harm” philosophy too far!..and we all might just as well join “PETA” and ban sport fishing all together. Face it; we/I, enjoy fooling a fish to eat my/their fly and enjoy the subsuiqent struggle for freedom that ensues. F_ck! PETA!!!

    Why even go fishing and photo-document your successes if somebody is going to “RIP YOU A NEW ONE” because you lifted a fish out of the water for a couple seconds to snap a pic? “Double F_ck! PETA!!!!”. In fact…”Double F_ck! anybody that says what I’m doing is wrong!.

    I care about Bonefish; I care about every fish I catch. I try to stay in harmony with nature and believe in sustainable harvest. I’m deeply involved with a number of community involved fisheries projects here where I live. I know what hurts fish…and I know how to release fish in good condition. My Goodness!. my blood pressure is rising and I shouldn’t have even started typing!!!

    Don’t stop having “Bonefish-on-the-Brain” Bjorn…just don’t adopt a “Holy’er than art thou” attitude” about fish handling and any resulting photo’s. And be carefull about “double-speak”…saying one thing and displaying another!

    Okay!.,,,I’m done!…guess I’ll just climb under a rock somewhere and forever regret saying how I really feel.

    Henry Will

  6. Henry, I have no issue with what you are saying at all. I strive to not be hypocritical in what I write or in what I do.

    I think the bonefish pics you see in Jim’s photos were all fish kept in the water, raised for the picture and put back in the water. That’s doing it right, I’d say, if you are going to take that kind of photo.

    The way I see it happen too often is how my first hero shot was. Middle of the boat, high from the water, the fish out of the water for maybe a minute. That’s bad.

    I’ve done bad before I knew better and I try to share with others what the best practices are.

    Holier than thou sucks and I don’t want to be that guy. You’ll notice I used pictures of myself when criticizing poor handling, not one of the many, many examples I could have found on-line in about .00005 seconds.

    Just trying to move the needle in a positive way. That’s all.

    I appreciate your thoughts Henry. Thanks.

  7. Hey Bjorn!

    Face it my friend…(and I mean that!). The type and style of photo’s Jim captured are just the type of pic’s we all (at least me) would love to preserve as a photo-documentary of a Bonefishing holiday. I will learn from his pic’s and strive to replicate/simulate some of that style. I love the extreme close-ups of various subjects ranging from flies to fish scales…really helps to put the whole experience into the proper perspective!


  8. Great shots…and I just noticed the addition of the tarpon mentioned in your banner byline for the first time. haha

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