Deep Water Cay for sale… who has a spare few tens of millions?

Well… how about that? Deep Water Cay is up for sale. I have no idea how much something like that would cost. $20M? $100M? I have no idea.

Not too shabby... not too shabby at all.

Not too shabby… not too shabby at all.

This is a pretty historic place… the place that started bonefishing in the Bahamas. The list of dignitaries who have fished out of DWC is long… Chouinard, Brokaw, me… I mean…. wow.

Have to wonder if the pending legislation is partly to blame for this place getting put on the market. Guys bring their own boats out there and now they might not be able to go fishing on their own (although I have a feeling these guys can afford the guide fees).

We’ll see what happens.

The line is flying.

Me with a DWC bonefish on the line.

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