Deneki – Rub Your Fly in the Sand

Well, this is actually something I’ve done before.  I’m not sure where I first heard this, but I’ve done this.  I’ve done it when I’ve been on my own and I’ve done it when I’ve been with guides.  Seems a pretty good idea.  If it doesn’t work, oh well, but it certainly is worth a shot, I’d say.  It is not likely to actually hurt anything.

Reach down onto the flat, grab a little handful of sand from the bottom, and rub your fly around in it.

via Bonefishing Tip | Rub Your Fly in the Sand.



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  1. Hey Bjorn,

    This post opens a whole new can of worms in my way of thinkingl. Isn’t “flyfishing” supposed to be totally about “visual triggers” for fish?…(ellipse’s – couldn’t help it)…not olifactory queues (sp?) save for a fishes lateral-line sense of water displacement/movement. Don’t get me wrong!, I believe, hardcore!, that unsavory odors can put fish off of a bait/fly/lure whatever.

    I for one am paranoid about fish being sensitive to the odifferous ingredients in my flies. Mothballs, dyes, preservatives, curing agents, epoxies and head cements etc. are all strange and likely off-putting odors to fish.

    I tie flies months, if not years in advance of fishing trips and take care to “season” all of my creations by weathering them (for at least a while) outside in the elements. I have an assortment of beautiful and expensive saddle hackles that are perfect in every respect…except that they “SMELL”.

    I’ve always wondered, what if the fish we fish for… actually liked or were attracted to the unusual smells of our fly tying materials. .Would we be cheating or could we be accused of using scented baits?. Could one say that rubbing a fly in the marly mud of a flat be considered as adding a scent to ones fly? Of course it is!…adding/masking, it’s all the same in my eyes. If one goes that far, well, we might as well soak our flies in conch guts and squid slime to make sure the bones believe our flies are actually something to eat.

    Confused on my stance on the issue…he he!…I know I am.

    …JUST BONE ME!!!


  2. bonefishbjorn

    Well, I’d say if I were taking a shrimp and rubbing it on the fly, that might start to get a little iffy. However, putting the fly in some sand… I feel like I’m in the clear on that one! (Damn ellipses!)

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