Directional Puffing

I never thought about this… about looking at the direction of the puff to determine the tide when the fish was there.

Kind of brilliant.

Just say’n.

I didn’t come up with this. Heck, Scott probably didn’t come up with it, but he did write about it.

Oh, there were fish here... certainly.

Oh, there were fish here… certainly.

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  1. True much of the time. But the plume of dislodged sediment can be just as much an indicator of the direction the fish was facing. True, tidal currents can move the sediment downcurrent, but very often the current is not sufficiently strong to do this, so it is the direction the fish is facing (and blowing water) that causes the plume shape and location.

  2. What Aaron says is true and as he says it depends on the stage of the tide, but if puffs are lined up in an area i.e. all pointing the same way, it’s a pretty good indicator!

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