Dr., I have an itch

Man… I’ve really been feeling it lately.  I have a really, really strong pull to go stand in some warm saltwater and look for bonefish.

I don’t know how long I can hold out, really.  Starting to scan specials for airfare… I can get to Miami for $246 in November.  That sounds pretty good, assuming I can manage to couch surf way way from Miami to the Keys and back… which is a possibility, it seems.

I need to look really closely at all of this. Put a plan together. Make sure it doesn’t screw up work.  Make sure it doesn’t screw up the custody arrangements.

Something’s gotta give.



As an aside… I wanted to share what I call my Bjornian Philosophy – Saturday traffic is usually light, so I feel OK putting this stuff out there.

1) Be your own biggest fan. If you don’t know why you rock, no one else will either.

2) Make your own fun. Fun is way too important to leave up to other people.

3) Be intentional. If you want something to happen, you need to make it happen. You can’t have it be a coincidental outcome.

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  1. I love the Bjornian philosophy. Reminds me of that cheesy movie with Will Smith and the SMOKIN’ little latina chick, “Hitch”. You know, where he says, “Begin every day as if you mean it.” Good stuff.

  2. The doctor recommends Bonefish Anonymous! One cast and you’re hooked and there is only one way out! You can try cold turkey, diddle with Keys trips but its the Bahamas you really want! Dr. E.

  3. Hi Bjorn,

    Oh Man! you’ve got it bad!

    Just remember, the best things in life are supposedly worth waiting for. It’s been since the spring of 2008 that I watched a bone eat one of my flies. I was primed and ready each month since then to go back but the stars or whatever…just didn’t align. I’m counting down the months now till my early retirement in May or June next year. My present to myself then will be at least 2 weeks on Turneffe Atol. I sure hope my wife is up to the trip. Right after that, I plan on a month or two on Eleuthera Bahama’s chasing bones, meeting old friends, and looking for the perfect vacation home where I can lay back and relax in my hard earned latter years.

    “Chin up” friend…keep working hard and the things you want to realize in life will come round.

    Best regards,


  4. Good advice Henry.
    Yes, Eric, it really is the Bahamas I’m after, but I have yet to fish the Keys.
    Davin, that Bjornian philosophy is good stuff. Man, I need to fish with you one of these days.

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