Dylan to the Yucatan

I grew up in Dunsmuir, CA. I used to describe it to people as “It’s like Oregon, but in California.” I think that description still stands, really.  One of the places we’d head (pretty often, really) was Ashland, OR.  They do a little Shakespeare up there and they do it well. They also have one of the big travel companies in Fly Water Travel. Recently, Dylan Rose (a relatively new hire there, I think) went off to go scout out operations in the Yucatan (Pesca Maya mostly, I think).  He brought back some stories and some pretty cool pictures.

Dylan with a Jack

My very first cast of the trip yielded a brilliant bonefish that slurped up my Ververka’s Mantis Shrimp like it had been waiting its whole life for my fly to magically appear in front of its face. I would come to find out that this first cast bone would define the rest of the bonefish I would encounter during my time in Ascension Bay.

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